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What Can I Expect When Purchasing A Wig From Serenity Wig & Salon?
We are Central Texas’s most recommended boutique wig shop. When selecting your wig at Serenity you can expect friendly, personal service from highly trained professionals who are passionate about your image and committed to your complete satisfaction and emotional well-being.

Serenity offers a much more intimate atmosphere than a typical retail strip-mall wig store. We cordially invite you to a customer experience that promises compassion, discretion, and over five decades of expertise at our private wig spa and salon. Consultation appointments and professional customization of any wig or hair replacement purchase is always complimentary

Can I Get A Wig Right Away?
Simple Answer: YES. It depends on what you’re looking for. We do have a very large selection of wigs available in stock at Serenity. You can try them on during your visit so you know firsthand all the details that are most important to you. Once you see what’s possible with a custom wig, you are likely to choose that very personalized option. Most women who choose to wear a wig do it for the high quality, durability, natural look, and style of a personalized wig. Getting exactly the right hair match, hairline, density, volume, sizing, and other specifications requires a few additional steps.

Serenity offers a much more intimate atmosphere than a typical retail strip-mall wig store. We cordially invite you to a customer experience that promises compassion, discretion, and over five decades of expertise at our private wig spa and salon. Consultation appointments and professional customization of any wig or hair replacement purchase is always complimentary

Will My Health Insurance Cover The Cost Of A Wig For Medical Hair Loss?
Many insurance companies will cover all or a portion of the cost for a “cranial prosthesis,” which in layman’s terms is a fancy word for a “wig.” We recommend contacting your insurance provider to determine your level of coverage for a “cranial prosthesis.” It’s important to use this particular term as many will say “no” when they hear the word “wig,” but will give an affirmative answer when you use the correct term. Ask them what documentation they require for filing with them.

As with other wig providers, although we do not accept payments directly from insurance companies for your wig, we can provide you with the special receipt for a “cranial prosthesis” which is what your insurance company should need in order to process your claim.

Serenity offers a much more intimate atmosphere than a typical retail strip-mall wig store. We cordially invite you to a customer experience that promises compassion, discretion, and over five decades of expertise at our private wig spa and salon. Consultation appointments and professional customization of any wig or hair replacement purchase is always complimentary

What’s The Difference Between Synthetic And Human Hair Wigs?
Both are very natural looking and have unique benefits. Human hair wigs are a first choice for many women who have never worn a wig before and feel uncertain about wearing synthetic hair. Since a 100% human hair wig will look, feel, dry, style, and behave just like your growing hair did, it can be an easier transition.

Some women, however, swear by synthetic wigs. They’re more diverse in their features. Some are made from specially engineered manmade hair that’s stronger, lighter, and more durable than the real thing. Others retain color longer or can stand up to extreme heat during styling. Most synthetic wigs are hypoallergenic, which is perfect in the case of an allergy to hair or medical treatments that make the scalp extra sensitive.

We’re happy to guide you through all of your wig options (there are so many!) when you come in for your free consultation, where you can see, feel, and try on the wigs that might work for you.

Can My Wig Be Colored?
Synthetic wigs cannot absorb color, but some human hair wigs can. However, even human hair wigs undergo a lot of processing when being made, making the process of coloring a wig that you purchase very complicated. Most human hair wigs are made from Asian hair and the processing used to transform the hair does not take color easily. Human hair wigs made from European hair will accept color better because they undergo less processing, but it is still a very tricky process. If you choose to try to color your wig, be sure to go to a professional colorist who is experienced in dying human hair wigs. Also be advised that coloring your wig can cause the fibers to break down faster due to the additional processing on already highly processed hair, shortening the lifespan of your wig.

Please note that some human hair wigs are dyed with textile dyes. If your wig has been treated in this way during processing, your wig should not be colored. We do offer wigs in a wide variety of colors including highlighted and lowlighted shades to help you avoid the need to color your wig. We also offer free wig consultations with our certified wig specialists who can color match your wig style.

Can I Use Regular Hair Care Products On My Synthetic Wig?
Unfortunately, you cannot. Only use products that are specifically designed for wigs. Other shampoos and styling agents can cause build-up that can damage the hair fibers and shorten the wig’s lifespan. Only use a brush or comb that is specifically designed for wigs as regular hair brushes can be harsh or damaging. Don’t forget to ask our professionals about our comprehensive selection of wig care products.
Can I Sleep In My Wig?
We do not recommend sleeping in your wig. The friction against your pillow can cause the wig to tangle and mat and the lifespan of your wig will be lessened significantly. We recommend wearing a soft sleep cap to keep your head warm and comfortable while sleeping.
Can I Shower or Swim In My Wig?
We do not recommend wearing your wig during showering or swimming. Your wig can become very tangled and matted when worn in the shower or pool and attempting to remove the matting can cause damage or breakage. Pool chemicals and saltwater can damage wig fibers and cause them to break down quickly, lessening the lifespan of your wig. Chemical reactions can also cause your wig to change colors. If you want to keep your head covered when showering or swimming, wearing shower and swim caps help protect your scalp.
Can I Style A Wig Like My Natural Hair?
You totally can. It’s important that you tell us as much as you can about what you hope to be able to do to your hair. We have special wig materials that can stand up to normal at-home styling or extreme techniques. Some of them can be dyed and retain color better than others. Some materials might be more fragile but offer non-style-related benefits. How happy you are with your wig depends on how well we’re able to deliver what you want, so talk to us about style in your consultation.
How Should I Store My Wig?
For times when you aren’t wearing your wig, you will want to use a wig stand or hard surfaced mannequin for storing your wig. Do not store your wig on a styrofoam form, as it can permanently stretch out the wig cap and cause your wig to become ill-fitting. Wearing your wig in the shower, pool or while sleeping is not recommended, so you will need a place to put your wig during these times. When you wash your wig, you’ll also need to place your wig on a wig stand for it to dry in order for your wig to maintain its shape. If you don’t have a wig stand, you can place your wig on a tall, slender object (such as a can of hairspray) covered with a hand towel. We recommend storing your wig in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight to help keep your wig in the best condition possible. Avoid keeping your wig in a steamy bathroom or in a window sill, as the moisture and heat can damage the wig fibers.
Can I Wear a Wig if My Head Sweats A Lot?
Absolutely! Because sweat can cause build up on the interior of a wig cap, we recommend wearing a wig cap or a disposable wig liner underneath your wig to wick away moisture and reduce irritation from sweat. The microfiber material of the liner works to keep moisture away from your head to keep you cool and dry. It’s a great way to allow any wig to be comfortably worn if you perspire heavily. A bamboo wig cap is also a wonderful choice for wig wearers with sweaty scalps because of its natural moisture wicking properties. Wear one underneath your wig to not only protect your wig cap from sweat, but to also help your wig feel more comfortable.
Do I Need a Wig Liner?
There are many different types of wig liners, caps, and grips available. Which one to choose all depends on personal preference and the fit of the wig. Some women even find that no liner is necessary. However, if a particular wig seems uncomfortable, or the fit is not right, there is often a solution to be found in the way of a wig accessory.

Mesh wig caps are probably the most basic type of wig cap. They offer a barrier between the scalp and the wig, but are very thin. These are often used by women who still have some hair that simply want to keep it out of the way when wearing a wig.

A bamboo wig cap or cotton wig cap is a very popular option for women who need more protection between their scalp and the inside of their wig. They’re soft and comfortable and can also help absorb sweat and moisture under your wig. They are easily washed when needed.

A wig gripper is a band of velour fabric that helps to keep a wig in place. It prevents slipping and gives a bit of padding to secure looser wigs. It also provides a comfortable barrier between the scalp and the interior of the wig.

Cushion Gel headbands are a great way to help relieve pressure that a wig may place on the scalp. They keep the wig secure and provide comfort. They’re lightweight and durable and clean easily with disinfectant. They’re non-allergenic and designed to help prevent pressure sores.

What Other Hairpiece Options are Available?
We offer several unique hairpiece choices with various attachment methods to create different looks.

Bangs: Clip-in bangs are often worn by women who want to try wearing a hairstyle with bangs without committing to cutting their own hair. We offer several clip-in bang options in differing styles and lengths.

Extensions: Add length and volume to existing hair by adding hair extensions. These extensions clip into your existing hair and are available in several different lengths, a multitude of colors and different textures. We offer a selection of synthetic extensions, as well as heat friendly synthetic and human hair extensions that can be heat styled to match your existing hair’s texture. Some extensions come in a set with multiple pieces that are various widths, allowing you to place as many or as few extensions as you need to create the perfect look. Other types of extensions consist of one long strip of hair that is meant to be placed underneath the hair to add length and volume.

Hair Wraps: Hair wraps are small hairpiece attachments that you can wrap around a ponytail or bun to add instant elegance and a unique look.

Buns: Even if you have short or thin hair, you can create the look of a classic and polished bun with a bun hairpiece. Hairpieces attach with combs over your existing hair to give you a full bun look that is so in style right now.

Headbands: Wearing a headband with hair can give you an elegant and intricate look without all of the time and energy that creating this look with your own hair would take. Simply slip on a headband hairpiece and go! Creating a polished look is so easy.

Ponytails: Try adding a ponytail hairpiece over your existing ponytail or bun for an alluring look that adds a lengthy and luxurious ponytail look. We also love the look of a hairpiece clipping into your hair to create a ponytail look that can be heat styled to your liking thanks to its heat friendly synthetic hair fibers.

Volumizer: Volumizers clip into your existing hair to create the look of fullness and add volume to your existing hairstyle. Many volumizers feature pull through or honeycomb wefted bases which allow you to easily integrate your own hair into the hairpiece for a truly blended look. We offer volumizers made from synthetic fibers, as well as heat friendly and human hair to allow for flawless blending into your own hair. You can position volumizers at the crown or top of your head to create volume where hair may be thin, or position the hairpiece lower to give the look of extensions with added volume.

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