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What our Clients are Saying About Serenity

Great customer service and a large inventory of wigs and caps and products.


Best Wig Salon in Austin!

Great product selection with expert, friendly advice and help.


Awesome Staff!

They helped me find what I needed and answered questions happily.


Very Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff!

Had an amazing time!
Felt welcomed and comfortable.
Reasonable prices and a relaxed ambiance make wig shopping at Serenity a fun and smooth experience.


Loved it!

It’s so wonderful to be treated with kindness during a hard time in your life.They also carry makeup, skincare, and beautiful scarves.


This Is A Beautiful Store!

Beautiful store with a large selection of wigs to choose from. The ladies were very sweet and helpful.


I Will Most Certainly Recommend Serenity!

It is the greatest wig salon I have ever been to (and I’ve been to TONS!). The staff will treat you with the utmost courtesy and respect and you will leave 100% satisfied. They wouldn’t let you leave until you were! Do yourself a favor and visit today!


You Will NOT Be Disappointed With Serenity!

I fell in love with Parker Serenity Wigs and Spa when I first stepped into the shop four years ago. Mary and Candy make this business what it is. They cater to your needs and make you feel very special more than special you become…


Visit Once and Your're Hooked!

I was very happy with my experience here. I had not planned on getting a wig because I was worried that it would look like a wig. I am so pleasantly surprised that the wigs look so natural and flattering. I hope I never need this experience again but if I do, I will return here.


I Was Treated With Such Courtesy and Patience!

We found Serenity after having a horrible experience with a different local store. The women were so nice and professional when my mother was trying to find a wig before she started chemo. They did a wonderful job with trying to find one that was like her own hair and listened to what she really wanted. Great selection of scarves and hats too


Wonderful Selection and Really Great Prices!

I want to recommend Mary Pozos of Parker Serenity Wig Spa. By the time I found Mary I had found the whole experience depressing. With Mary I didn’t get the impression she just wanted to sell me a wig. I felt she was genuinely concerned about helping me get past the anxiety of wearing a wig. She is caring and extremely helpful.


Great Service!

WOW! What A Wonderful Experience!
I can’t tell you how highly I recommend this incredible wig salon. I was sent to another wig salon in town by my doctor and it was terrible and depressing. I saw Serenity on the internet and I decided to go. A beautiful atmosphere and wonderful people. I bought two wigs and plan to go back for more.


START WITH THE BEST, You Won't Regret It!

I fell in love with Parker Serenity Wigs and Spa when I first stepped into the shop four years ago. Mary and Candy make this business what it is. They cater to your needs and make you feel very special more than special you become family. When I go in for another visit I always go early so that I can spend time with these special ladies. Their personalities are infectious and their professionalism is next to none.


Thank You From The Bottom of My Heart!

I just love Mary and Candy these two ladies are the reason why this business feels like being at home among family. I when to a popular Austin Spa for a haircut just before my son’s wedding and, it was a disaster I was frantic! I called Mary up got in the same day and I walked out feeling beautiful no one knew it was a wig.This is one of many times I’ve been a customer for 3 years now!!


Serenity Is Like Being at Home With Friends!

Very professional. Purchased a hat with hair for sports. Wanted to buy a synthetic but the honest staff said it did not fit me properly.
Have since purchased another wig that I love. Julie colored and styled my real hair wig. She made it look like the hair I love. Great job! Thank you.


They Are Honest and Professional!

My hairdresser recommended Serenity Wig Spa because I was losing my hair at an alarming rate for no apparent reason. I was very depressed and despondent over this condition. No one else in my family or any of my friends suffered from this fate. Then along came Candy and Mary. The first time I visited the spa we tried on wigs for three hours. During that time I became much more comfortable with my situation thanks to the care, concern, and compassion of Candy and Mary. I have now purchased six wigs from Parker. The quality is unsurpassed and the service is wonderful. The first time I wore the wig I was told I looked 20 years younger by some of my friends. Thanks again Candy and Mary – you are life savers!!


You Feel Good About Yourself When You Leave!

I’ve had alopecia since I was 9 years old and have been to many wig salons. When I moved to Texas a year ago I looked online for a new place. I searched for a specific wig online and saw that Parker Serenity had it. I made the 45-minute drive and it was completely worth it.
I would drive all day to go there. The staff is friendly, attentive, knowledgeable, and understanding. Emily always cuts and styles my wigs and knows exactly what I will like! If you feel uncomfortable there are discreet places to try on wigs. Parker Serenity will do whatever it takes to make sure you are completely satisfied. There’s truly no need to go anywhere else.


Don't Go Anywhere Else!

There was no rush, she played along with us when we were being silly, and knew to take a step out of the room when I needed a moment to compose myself. We didn’t have an appointment, and I brought 7 other people with me, but she didn’t bat an eye, just got us started.
Having only shaved off the remainders of what chemo had left on my head a few days before, this was not an easy thing to go do.


The Lady Who Helped Me Was Just Wonderful!

I am so thankful for this place. It is wonderful!! I had tried going to other places over the years when I lost a lot of my hair due to an unfortunate chemical burn. However, I had no idea what to do and was overwhelmed by the many different types of hair pieces and wigs.
The people who attended me at Parker Serenity were the most helpful and knowledgeable people I had ever come across. I was worried that people would be able to tell that I was wearing a hairpiece. However, by the time the person who helped me at Parker Serenity had finished with me, not even my husband could tell what part of my hair was fake and was part was real!
The person who attended me was a certified beautician who spent a lot of time not only matching my hair type and exactly matching my hair color, but she also was able to customize my hairpiece so that it blended perfectly with my real hair! I was astounded at the results! No other place I had visited was able to do what the people at Parker Serenity were able to do.
My closest friends still marvel at the amazing new haircut I got that makes my hair look so much thicker!!!! I highly recommend this place to anyone who has lost any hair.


I Only Wish I Had Found Them Sooner!

I decided to purchase a wig after a hair disaster that left my very long hair very, very short. After reading the great reviews for Parker Serenity Wig Spa, I headed over to check it out. I was greeted almost immediately when I walked in the door.
The ladies were busy with other customers but told me they’d be with me soon and to pick out a few wigs I’d like to try on. When my turn came, Candy made me feel like an absolute princess! She took so much time with me and answered all my questions. She and Mary were SO great. I can’t say enough good things about them. I’m really excited about being a continuing customer and going back to see them.
Oh yeah, the wig I purchased was actually cheaper in the store than online. Even if it hadn’t been, the pampering and help I was given would have made up for it no matter how cheaply I might have found it online.


Made Me Feel Like an Absolute Princess!

I have been here twice, once to buy my wig, and then another to get it styled and cut. I did not think that I would need a wig at 36, but having to undergo chemo for breast cancer changed some plans! I went initially with a friend, without an appointment, and found a very nice wig that everyone said looked great on me. The lady who helped me was super nice, and very willing to let me try any and all wigs in the store. She did not make me feel rushed at all, and was extremely nice.
Once I started wearing the wig, it was a little too “poufy” and full. My own hair is usually on the thin side. The wig also kept falling in my face, and I felt like it was a little too long and tangled easily. I learned on their website that wigs usually come with too much hair, so styling can really help a wig look natural. I made an appointment to get it styled. When I walked in, the saleslady couldn’t even tell I was wearing a wig! So I guess it looked pretty good without the trim! After the trim though, it is fantastic!! She thinned it out quite a bit and cut some of the length off. It really does look just like my old hair. People are amazed that it’s a wig (those that know I’ve had chemo).
Bottom line: I’ve had two great experiences here, and I would recommend this shop to anyone who needs a nice, great-looking wig.


People Are Amazed That It's A Wig!

If you live in Austin and are even considering getting a wig, you should go here. I thought about it for a long time because I was losing a lot of hair at the young age of 29, but I was very nervous about the whole wig thing.
I did a lot of online research before deciding I needed to go to a store the first time. They have tons and tons of wigs I wanted to try blonde. They pulled a ton of blonde wigs too without showing any signs of frustration at my “indecisiveness”.
They also explain how to wash them, wrap your hair underneath, etc. They can cut them for you which is good because some of the longer wigs get kind of thin at the end in my opinion…there are of really good quality and will patiently help you try on as many as you want.
I told them I wanted a long brown wig, but then when I bought 2 wigs here during my first visit, but went home and looked online because I was curious about how the prices compare. Actually, the 2 wigs I bought Parkers were cheaper in the store than any reputable or decent online wig store.
You may find some cuts or brands cheaper online, but I was personally too nervous that they would come in the mail all messed up or I wouldn’t like them and you can NOT return wigs. So ordering from any online place seemed risky to me anyway. And going to store is much better because you can try them on and have them trimmed if you need to.
So anyway, I wrote this because I know getting wigs can be kind of scary or strange or whatever, and thought maybe someone would like know that this is a pretty awesome and very comfortable place to go!


A Pretty Awesome and Very Comfortable Place To Go!

I am 51 and have been losing my hair slowly over the years due to a medical condition; I finally got to the point that I could no longer creatively conceal my bald spots. I found Serenity online. I have never worn a wig before and was scared and embarrassed. My daughter went with me and gave me the courage to walk in the door. That was the best thing I could have ever done.
The ladies were so kind; especially Mary who helped me so much. I was able to try on as many wigs as I wanted and my embarrassment turned to fun. Seeing myself in a wig was a bit every day and looked at the site online overwhelmingly but in a great way. I purchased my first wig, and all the accessories that one needs to take care of it and plan on coming back and buying more.
This was about 3 – 4 weeks ago and I can honestly say it has transformed my life. Before the wig, I was so self-conscious and depressed. When I have my beautiful wig on, I feel like I have been re-born. Those words are strong, but that is what happened to me. I have my confidence back and find myself wanting to be in family pictures now. I always used to make fun of people that would take “selfies” (take their own picture with their phone) —- I catch myself doing it all the time now! I look so happy and so much younger! (If I do say so myself.)
I cannot thank Mary and the staff of Serenity enough for their kindness and of my hair, felt old, making me feel so at home. My daughter and I had a great time and I can’t wait to go back!!!! I am confident and happy again, something I had lost years ago!
I live in San Antonio and it is well worth the drive!
With Love, Thanks, and Great Appreciation!


I Am Confident and Happy Again, Something I Had Lost Years Ago!